South-east European Orienteering Association has emerged from the community that has evolved around the Balkan Orienteering Championships (BOC) since the early 70-ies. The first edition of BOC has been organized in Slanic Moldova (Romania) on the 25th June 1971. The championships joined together Bulgarian and Romanian orienteers. The third edition took place from 23rd-24th July 1980 in Făget, Cluj county, where three countries participated: Romania, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia.

Initiative to organize the countries from the Balkan region took a step forward around 2008, when SEEOWG (South-east European Orienteering Working Group) has been established. The work culminated in the founding congress meeting, which took place on November 16th 2013 in Belgrade, Serbia. The following countries attended the congress: Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Turkey.

The association has not managed to progress with formal establishement until 2019.

The work, however, was focused on spreading the organization of the championships (South-east European Orienteering Championships - SEEOC), which has been held since 2011. Since 2012 also the masters version of the championships is organized in conjuction with SEEOC. The championships have so far been successfully organised in Romania (2x), Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia (2x), Montenegro, Slovenia, Moldova and Croatia.


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